If you've landed here, you've joined the 'cool-club.' You've figured out how to scan the QR code and a special message from your friends Anaira & Arham awaits you. 

Do You Really Know Your Friends - Anaira & Arham?

Here are a few riddles for you to enjoy. Let's see if you really know Anaira & Arham :)

What Goes Up & Never Comes Down for Anaira & Arham?

Their Age

During what month do Anaira & Arham sleep the least?


What can Anaira & Arham catch but not throw?

A Cold

What jumps higher than their building - Royal Peninsula?

Everything - Royal Peninsula doesn't jump

What two things can they never eat for breakfast?

Lunch & Dinner

In the return gift - what starts with the letter E and has only 1 letter in it?

The Envelope

About Your Gift

This curation of products, celebrates all things unique and personal. 

Anaira & Arham have carefully curated this selection of products, keeping with the motto of sustainability and re-usability.

You can change the patches on your t-shirt per your mood. Anaira & Arham chose these as its something they vibe with and we hope you do too!

They have used and enjoyed all the products in the returns and we hope you enjoy them too!

About mrmoodi

At mrmoodi, we've been busy collaborating with our friends (children and adults) and working with them to express their moods and passions in unique ways. 

Our T-shirts are gender neutral and super comfortable.

Our journey is just getting started and we hope you enjoy our products and the evolution of our brand as we work towards making fashion more conscious, personal and environmentally friendly.

As we ramp up and build out our universe - a universe where each of us and our children find a safe space to express themselves - we hope to have your support. 

We'd love to hear any feedback you may have with us on founders@mrmoodi.com. We are not perfect yet and already know we have a ton of things to improve our products - but a friendly nudge may just help us prioritise. 

We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and you had an amazing(gggg) time!