If you've landed here, Ivaan needs your help! He's enjoyed himself with his DinoFriends in DinoLand but now wants to come back to planet earth. He needs to solve the DinoMystery - will you help him?

But before we tell you more about Ivaan in DinoLand, we'd love to thank you for joining Ivu's Dino-Puzzle Party! We hope you enjoyed it as much as Ivu & Arjun loved having you over. At mrmoodi, we loved(ddd) our dino-mite collaboration with Ivaan for his 3rd birthday.  

About Your Gift

Our tshirts have been designed for Ivu's friends to choose and patch the dinosaur they like. There are mazes to solve and stickers to play with. You can also trace our dino friends or draw what you like. Really - its all about you and what you are in the 'mood' for. We just want to see you have the biggest smile(eee)! 

Ivu's stuck in DinoLand - Help Him?

On 22nd November, Ivaan’s 3rd birthday, little Ivu felt stuck in DinoLand. He wanted to come back to earth to meet his friends and family but he also wanted to play with his DinoFriends.

Sitting atop DinoMountain with his friend Flubby, Ivu looked sad. Flubby, a blue-crested quetzalcoatlus that was one of the largest pterosaurs on DinoLand, told Ivu - "Don't worry - if you answer all my clues, I'll fly you back to Planet Earth."

Would you like to help little Ivu solve his birthday riddles so he can fly back to earth? If so - give me a large dino-rawrrr and read on.



I have a long neck and eat leaves from trees. I am very tall; you might think I'm a tower. Who am I?

That's right! I'm a Diplodocus.

I'm covered in plates and have spikes on my tail. I might look scary, but I just eat plants. Who am I?

Spot on! I'm a Stegosaurus.

I have three horns on my face and a big shield. I might look tough, but I'm really quite nice. Who am I?

You are on a roll. I am indeed a Triceratops.

I stomp around and have big, sharp teeth. I'm the king of the dinosaurs; you know my roar. Who am I?

I am indeed a funny looking T-Rex who got stuck in a bush with thorns and hence have spikes on my back.

(riddles created using chatgpt) 

'Hop onboard! It's time to go home' exclaimed Flubby. Ivu jumped onto Flubby's back. Flubby swooped down and landed in DinoValley & Ivu was overjoyed. There was a big birthday DinoBash setup for Ivu. All his friends (that's right you) and family were in DinoLand playing with his DinoFriends.

Together, Ivu's friends, family & DinoFriends sang:

“Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Little Ivu,
Happy Birthday to you.

We love you very much,
We love you very much,
We love you our little Ivu,
Happy Birthday to you!”

It was the best birthday Ivu could hope for and he thanked all his friends (humans & dinos) for making it super special.

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We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and you had a 'Dino-Mite' time!