The "Glow Bear-y Bright" collaboration is a first in many of our upcoming collaborations that has been created specially to celebrate Ronav's 6th birthday. 

Mr. Bear-y is an extremely fun-loving bear who's always happy and down to do everything and anything that somebody asks of him (much like our not-so-little-anymore friend Ronav).  

Before we tell you more about Mr. Bear-y who you are now a proud owner of, please do hear a special message from your friend, Ronav:

So here's a little story about Mr. Bear-y:

It was extremely dark in the middle of the night & Mr. Bear-y was not in any mood to sleep. 

As you know, Mr. Bear-y is extremely fun, giggly and jumpy. When he walks, his tummy would wobble. When he eats fruit, juice would drool from the side of his mouth. For somebody who's soooo fun, sleeping on a saturday night could be a little challenging. 

So he got out of his leafy hammock, and looked for a light switch to turn on the lights. But alas, do you think Mr. Bear-y found any lights in the middle of a dense forest?

He was starting to turn sad because he couldn't see anything around him. He walked left and his head bumped into a tree. He walked straight and his tummy was being pressed in like a balloon with something that appeared to be pokey. Just then he walked backwards and his back hit something and something very bright and glow-y fell down to the floor. 

Charged by the moonlight, Mr. Bear-y was staring at his own face on a t-shirt glowing in the darkness. His smile came back. He had the biggest smile remembering that his (human) friend, Ronav, had gifted him a glow-in-the-dark tshirt. 

Picking up the t-shirt, Mr. Bear-y quickly put it on and started to yawn due to the warmth and coziness he began to feel. He slowly retreated back to his hammock, yawned once more, closed his eyes and within a few seconds - he went to sleep with the big smile still on his face. And just like that - all night long - Mr. Beary was wearing Ronav's tshirt which shone very bright under the moon's beautiful light and the glow-y starry night.


Fun Fact: Did you know Mr. Bear-y has a cute little sister following every footstep of his? See the t-shirt and you may find her playing peek-a-boo or hiding in his shadow. Yes - you guessed it right - that's his little sister (who's much like Ronav's super cute little sister - Ruhi).