Welcome to Neev's YellowLand - a magical land where everything, literally everything, is painted Yellow. I know what you children are thinking - and no - chocolates are still brown and lollipops still have pink, but all the buildings, the sky, the cars and the clothes are all yellow.

Before we tell you more about the series "It's All Yellow" - and MrPanda - who by the way you are now a proud owner of, please do hear a special message from your friend, Neev:

Our "It's All Yellow" collection is a first in many of our upcoming collaborations that has been created specially to celebrate Neev's 3rd birthday. 

MrPanda is one of our favourite characters who's extremely colourful in his dress up and interests. MrPanda's favourite colour is yellow since he loves being up and about on warm & sunny days. Much like Neev, MrPanda loves everything that zooms fast and he continually dreams of driving around in YellowLand in his Yellow Car.

Here's a little story about MrPanda & Neev in YellowLand that we hope you enjoy:

MrPanda was fast asleep in his warm and cozy cottage by the river - when he heard his doorbell ring at about half past 7am.

MrPanda quickly got ready, and asked Neev to join him at his garage (which by the way was made out of yellow hay). When Neev got there, his jaws dropped - MrPanda had a limited edition yellow racing car that he pulled out of the garage. Neev was ecstatic and to add to it, MrPanda said only for his birthday - Neev was allowed to drive the yellow car all across YellowLand! 

Here's a quick picture of YellowLand - the yellow sky had beautiful yellow birds flying everywhere. The river near MrPanda's cottage was filled with golden yellow fish & all the trees in the vicinity had golden hues that reflected the sun. If you were hungry & wanted something free - everything Yellow in YellowLand was free - popcorn, bananas, sweet lemonade made of lemons and unlimited yellow lollipops (whenever you wanted them).

MrPanda (still sleepy from last night) and Neev (with a big smile) zoomed through YellowLand in their Yellow Car.

MrPanda asked Neev to follow the road until they reached the gates of the biggest racing track in YellowLand. Neev heard an announcement saying - "We hope you enjoy yourself at the racetrack today. Don't worry - you and your friends can drive around the racetrack as much as you want & we've made sure even at the age of 3 - you can speed as fast as you want (safely - phew!)".

Neev was delighted. He pressed the accelerator and saw the speed climbing - 60kmph, 100kmph, 160kmph, 200kmph. At this point, the car was cruising through the racetrack & MrPanda was now wide awake - holding onto his seat - he never knew Neev was such a good & fast driver. 

Neev inquired what the three buttons (the red, the green and the yellow were). MrPanda - asked Neev to press it and see starting with the red. On pressing the red - the car made an announcement - "taking off in 1, 2 & 3..." and soon the car was 100ft above the ground gliding through the air. "Woahhhh" said Neev - "Can I please press the green button?"

And as he pressed the green button - the car made a funny noise - imagine gas blowing out of its trunk - and soon there were 100s of yellow balloons being blown out from its back. "This is awesome" said Neev. 

But for the yellow button - MrPanda said to wait a minute. As they approached the pit stop - MrPanda shouted "Now!" Neev quickly pressed the button & what followed (my friends) is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

MrPanda had programmed the last button to be the finale act. First up - both their seats disjointed from the car and they sprang out of it. A parachute shot out of the seat so that they could safely land on the ground near Neev's friends.

Then the car started behaving like a piñata. Yellow lollipops fell from the sky. Erasers, pencils, yellow-smiley sticker packs, balloon packets, whistles and small cars all started falling onto the ground. All of Neev's friends were amazed at this spectacle and quickly ran around with their yellow pouches to collect whatever they could get their hands on. 

And to top it off, a cake table descended from the sky (also with parachutes) and a big banner which said "Happy Birthday Neev" was flying attached to the car. Just as the cake table descended - Neev saw his little brother (Vansh) standing besides the cake table wearing a yellow tshirt which read "Best Big Brother."

Neev jumped with joy - hugged MrPanda, Vansh & all his friends and thanked them for making his day in YellowLand super, super special. MrPanda drove his yellow car back from the racetrack to the garage in his cottage, went back to bed, and fell asleep. 

Thank you for visiting Neev's YellowLand!