Nerdy Mr. Frenchie


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“Frenchie, Frenchie” shouted his master. But Oscar, our French Bulldog, was already half way through the street, flaunting his cool new, clear glasses that gave even more character to his already handsome face (more in the story below...).

The next time you spot him nearby, make sure to tell him how smart he looks. He’ll surely blush and give you a woof!

Printed with a pop onto our extremely comfortable, airy & signature deep-black cotton t-shirt, we hope you become a proud owner of this t-shirt that showcases your inner geek behaviour & your love for gathering knowledge.

  • Fabric: 100% bio-washed cotton that's super-soft, airy and comfortable
  • Colour: Black
  • Fit: Relaxed but Fitted
  • Neck: Round Neck
  • Sleeves: Short-Sleeves
  • Artwork: Screen-Printed (at times with a pop) / Embroidered / Patched - we've chosen what we think will make our work stand out. Our imagery is representative and your actual t-shirt may look a little different.
  • Country of Origin: Proudly Made in India

We want to keep ourselves sustainable and for that we need to maintain limited inventory (one of the biggest issues for companies in the Fashion & Lifestyle Industry).

But rest assured, we will get you your products as soon as possible.

Delivery: Dispatched within 4 working days from order placement. Will arrive at your doorstep within 7-10 working days.

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We will accept the product and process the refund (in case of returns) within 7-10 working days as back to the original source of payment as long as the product is in its original condition along with our price-tags.

In the case of an exchange, our team will contact you for your details. In case we cannot fulfil the exchange due to any issue, we may choose to refund you for your purchase.

Story-Time: Frenchie at the Library

“Frenchie, Frenchie” shouted MRM. But Oscar, our French bulldog, was already half way through the street, flaunting his cool new, clear glasses that gave even more character to his already handsome face. He however, was in no mood to study today and wanted to play with MRM.

MRM had some work and promised to drop Oscar to the neighbourhood library while he finished his errands. 'Those glasses make you look nerdy Oscar - you better have read all these books by the time I pick you up' - said MRM. MRM placed 20 books in front of Oscar so he could drown him with work while taking a day off.

Oscar chuckled but didn't say a word. He started reading the books and before MRM could reach the exit - Oscar shouted - 'Finished my books. Let's go to the play area.' MRM shrugged and walked back - 'There is no way you finished all the 20 books - summarise this one for me - "How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie." 

Oscar summarised the next 5 books asked of him & MRM was stunned. "My God - you are a nerd indeed. Those glasses truly reflect who you are. Let's go to the play area - I'll finish my errands later (mrm shrugged again)."

Oscar had a big cheeky smile - he made his way to the door but didn't tell MRM that the glasses had computer vision embedded which could read a book title and pull up the summaries from the web. My clever invention is very handy indeed. 


There are days where you want to geek out and there are days where you want to just play - geek, play, geek, play, is a great formula for success indeed.


On The Go

Your T-Shirt may look different from what you see. We are continually working on improving the quality of our fabrics and print techniques to make our artwork look the best.

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Striving for comfort

Our T-Shirts are 100% Cotton T-Shirts that have been bio-washed and treated to make you feel extremely comfortable no matter the weather.

We started our journey wanting t-shirts that could be worn formally or casually, in the day or in the night, in the cold or in the heat.

Most importantly, we wanted something where our artwork would look great and you could wear it with pride.

Our classic & signature 'Deep Black' cotton t-shirts deliver on just that.


We've tested it over time on ourselves and our kids and with many other customers and they love the fabric quality. So be assured - you will too!

But we know we have miles to go and great distances to cover to achieve our vision - and we'll only get there with all your help. Please do share any feedback or thoughts with our founders directly on

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